in 15 minutes
Run unlimited mobile UI tests

Is running UI tests slow and annoying?
Here's a fast, cheap and convenient way

For large products, running tests can take a long time. It slows down development and annoys everybody.
With TestWise, you can run any nymber of tests in 15-30 minutes.
Automatic scaling
No local test relaunches. With our reports you will be able to instantly locate the issue. We use Allure Reports, one of the best reporting standards.
Detailed reports
With our service you only pay for the tests, and not for the server downtime
Only pay for tests
How it works
You upload 1 application apk and 1 test apk
Send us 2 apk's
We run tests in parallel
We set up the infrastructure for your tests and run all batches simultaneously
We analyze the test apk
We analyze the number and composition of tests and distribute them in batches for 15 minutes
We generate reports
After the tests have been run, the results are compiled into a single Allure report, available in your account
Coming soon
Tests are run only on the part of the code that has been changed.
Less testing, less time, earlier release.
Impact analysis
Ability to use AdbServer,
show Kaspresso-generated reports,
run tests with Robolectric
Native Kaspresso support
New tests are automatically verified for stability through a separate procedure.
Test stability gate
We support custom containers to meet the needs of any development team
Docker containers
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